Rent Abatement (Table)

From Riverview Legal Services

Case Title
Rent Abatement Awarded
Period of Abatement
TNT-92461-17 (Re), 2017 CanLII 142692 (ON LTB) The kitchen was in serious disrepair 50% Per Month 14 Months
CET-45246-14-RV (Re), 2015 CanLII 111048 (ON LTB) trees, not removed all of the roots; tripping hazard and make ordinary walking on the lawn and cutting the grass a safety issue; applicants are seniors and have resided on their lots for many years; 25% rent abatement per month 4 Months
EAT-18690-11 (Re), 2011 CanLII 91047 (ON LTB) elevator problems; heat and air conditioning; excessively hot water; window problems 25% abatement of rent for the 16 days there was no elevator service and an overall 10% impact on days the Tenants were without service due to the sporadic breakdowns to be appropriate; 25% abatement of rent for the 50 days where there was inadequate or excessive heat in the rental units to be appropriate; 16 days (Elevator Problems); 50 days (Heat Issues)