Caselaw Ninja Posting Rules

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General Rules of Conduct

  1. Only Contributing Members may post to the site.
  2. The main page of any topic shall only contain excerpts of case law. The discussion page of any topic may contain opinion writing but a warning must be posted to the top of the page indicating such.
  3. All case law excerpts shall be linked to the published caselaw online (e.g CanLII) or linked to an uploaded PDF of the caselaw source.
  4. All case law references within case law excerpts shall be linked to their corresponding published cases online or when that is not possible the referenced cases shall be uploaded and linked to where case is available.
  5. Failure to follow any of the posted rules may result in termination of your membership.

Permissible Modifications to Caselaw Excerpts

  1. Subject to the following exceptions all caselaw excerpts shall be copied true to the original style, form, text and grammar.
    1. Text of relevance may be bolded and or underlined or both for the express purpose of bringing attention to that specific section of the excerpt. (for more information see Wiki Markup Help)

Rules of Conduct for the Discussion Sections

  1. All discussion Sections shall include the {{Warning:Opinion}} tag.

Contributing Membership (Privileges and Obligations)

  1. Contributing Members shall be a member of a provincially law society in good standing.
  2. Contributing Members shall exercise all due diligence when posting caselaw excerpts to ensure that copied caselaw text is transferred without modification to the words, style and grammar of the original text.
  3. Proof of Membership in a provincially law society shall be verified prior to membership being granted.
  4. A law society photo ID card may be requested by membership services prior to membership approval with contributing membership status and privileges.

Premium Membership (Privileges and Obligations)

  1. Premium Members shall not make any edits to the site.