ARIS - Authorized Requester Information Service

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Authorization for Access to Ministry of Transportation Authorized Requester Information System (ARIS) Program is granted to individuals whom have a reasonable and lawful use of the information. The MTO records can be accessed by a variety of organizations for legitimate MTO authorized uses under the AR program.

Authorized Uses of MTO Information The MTO records often include residential information of drivers or vehicle owners. This residential information is not considered part of a public record, and is Personal Information.

Only "authorized" requesters who have been approved and have entered into a contractual agreement with the MTO may obtain residence address information for the purposes set out below (subject to the authorized use as set out in the AR agreement):

  • Safety recalls by auto manufactures
  • Law enforcement
  • Service of documents/legal investigations – i.e. lawyers, paralegals, process servers, private investigators, security guards and for locating *persons for claims/ litigation/ accidents
  • Verification of information by financial institutions
  • Debt collection
  • Road toll collection (i.e., 407-ETR)
  • Postal code verification (first 3 digits only)
  • Key tag service (War Amps)
  • Automobile insurance purposes
  • Parking violations
  • Government use for program delivery where authorized by statute
  • Statistical/Educational (research by education, research organizations)
  • Public Interest – e.g. compassionate circumstances to facilitate contacting next of kin individual who is in crisis, injured, ill or deceased, with confirmation by police or doctor