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Our Vision

The vision of our organization is to empower our students to think, analyze, and problem solve. Our students are not mindless consumers of information, our students are training to be intellectual warriors within the legal world.


Our focus is to oversee the development of the next generation of educational materials for the Ontario paralegal profession. Riverview.Education is designed to be a collective of industry professionals that come together to build course curriculum, write the next generation of paralegal textbooks, as well as develop paralegal course materials that are to be used by both public colleges, and private career colleges alike. The primary goal of the organization is to improve the education standards and the educational outcomes for paralegal students as well as current industry professionals.


  • To develop a strong an effective set of educational standards for the paralegal education, and to produce effective curriculums to transmit and embody those standards to the next generation of legal professionals.
  • At Riverview we believe that educational materials should be developed by experienced industry professionals based on their years of experience, knowledge and skills.

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